quarta-feira, 22 de abril de 2009

Kiss me too firecly Hold me to tight
I need help believing You're with me tonight
My wildest dreamings Could not forsee
Lying beside you With you wanting me!

And just for this moment As long as you're mine.
I've lost all resistance And crossed the border line
And if it turns out It's over too fast.
I'll make every last moment last As long as you're mine.

Maybe I'm brainless Maybe I'm wise
But you've got me seeing through different eyes
Somehow i've fallen under your spell
And somehow I'm feeling It's up that I fell.

Every moment as long as mine
I'll wake up my body
And make up for lost time
say there's no future for us as a pair
and though I may know I don't care!

Just for this moment As long as your mine
Come be how you want to And see how bright we shine

for the first time I feel... wicked!

as long as you're mine, wicked

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